"If you think you can, you will. If you believe you can't, you won't".

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Whose Who?

Hi everyone,
Just wanting to know how everyone becomes a proficient blogger? I am really new to this. So any help would really be appreciated. I could write a book about my life but somehow thing that might be a little mundane. So a little help here please..Ace, Applebeeotch, I know you two know where I'm coming from. Help out an old friend please. Thank You

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Revisiting the '80s in 3-D
Keys residents urged to evacuate
Antibacterial soap's dirty secret
Worldwide secrets of longevity
Luxe movie theaters lure adults
Now if some of these links don't give you a bit of intresting reading there is something wrong. And just when you thought you could believe almost everything was good for you.

The Holiday Spirit

We've been getting into the holiday spirit. Our front yard now looks like a well lighted pumpkin patch. The entry into my house looks as though it came out of a cheap fright movie with bats, spiders, and webbing. We get a lot of traffic this time of year.
Many ask us why we go through all the trouble. Why, indeed!
Because we really enjoy it. We do it for ourselves as well as for those who go out of their way to come see what we've added, what we have if they've not been here before, and for the little ones who really like trick or treating. They don't like being afraid and yet they want to see the bugs, bats, ghosts, and goblins.
Why? Because almost everyody likes what we do.
We sometimes spend weeks working on our project. We currently have 17 buildings in our spook village. Every year it may grow as many as four house. Some spooky, some not. We love the attention too. But we like the reactions of those who have the pleasure of seeing what we do more than anything.
Get into the spirit. It gives you something to do, others something good to talk about, and almost evrybody benefits.
Until later...................Happy Haunting

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New School Year

Well school starts here in our little town of Remer on Thursday, September 1st. The filing of emergency contacts, social workers, health conditions, etc. I am excited and anxious at the same time. Since I do foster care anything can and does happen throughout the school year. Whether it be a fight, girls going on run, getting suspended, something always seems to happen.
My ultimate dream is that the only events that happen for me with my girls have to do with me going to a sporting event. So with some trepidation I anxiously await for that big yellow bus to come and take them away for seven hours a day five days a week.
While they are gone I will be playing catch up on all of the paperwork I put on hold throughout the summer months. So while they sit at their desk doing ther work I too shall be sitting at my desk doing mine.
For those of you going to school, the best of luck to you. For those of you who feel somewhat the way I do, good luck to you too. For those of you who sit there scratching your heads have a great day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Getting to Know Me!

Well I'm hoping this works. Aaron told me about Blogs so will see if this works better than open diary did for me.
First of all I would like to say hi to Absolute Zero. I have heard a great deal about you and know that you have made a certain individual very, very happy. Thank You. I am looking forward to meeting you. I have known Aaron for many years and consider him one of my many children.
The reason for my site name is easily explained. I am a therapeutic Foster Care provider. I have taken children from ages 1-18 into my home since 1999.
Crazy? Some people think so! I have always loved children and wondered how I could help them. I went to college at the age of (well never mind that). I received an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services. Worked for almost a year in a Juvenile Center and loved it. I did feel that there was more I could do but was not sure what that could be. So I talked to my boss one day and said, I feel like I'm not doing enough for these kids. Do you have any suggestions? She told me "why not go into Foster Care? They are in high demand and there are many hurting kids that need a safe, loving place they can call home and someone they can call family. So started a brand new life for me and for them.
How can you take a troubled youth and turn their life around? It's not an easy task. It has it's ups and downs, highs and lows, good moments and bad. In fact on May 13th (FRIDAY) I ended up with a broken arm because one of the girls flipped out, slammed the door, and when I went to open it, she threw her body against it breaking the arm instantly. OUCH!
But for everyone that we can't help there are many who have been successful. One in particular (who has her own children now) is a great success. She is in the Army, married, with two children. Her own family told her that she would never make it. So there really are those whose lives have been turned around just because we opened our hearts and our door to them.
Should you feel the urge to ask questions I will answer them. Just remember that I can't divulge much because of confidentiality.